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Faster digital storm response with iRestore's real-time ETR insights. Planners can see resource needs for immediate action. The result: increased reliability and improved customer satisfaction.

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Turbocharge your storm response

Enhance storm response with iRestore's real-time insights. Empower your storm room to acquire situational awareness, share and monitor progress at the click of a button.

Instant visibility & control

iRestore's real-time insights into system damage give you better visibility and speed up restoration.

Size and mobilize

Automatically size your restoration effort, create work packages, and mobilize crews as needed.

Keep stakeholders informed

Provide real-time updates to all stakeholders during major outages with global and drill-down ETRs.

Built on deep expertise in utility operations

iRestore products encapsulate decades of experience in utility operations, adding best practices from leading utilities serving over 15 million meters.

Minimize regulatory audit headaches

Create an ongoing internal digital record that makes it easy to respond to regulatory data requests on storm response.

Speed-up damage assessment

Accomplish rapid and accurate DA to power a more effective restoration process for any size event.

Reduce stakeholder uncertainty

Better visibility into ETRs and restoration efforts mitigate the risks of stakeholder escalation.

Improve response time

Better forecast the precise number of digger, line and tree crews needed for each area within the system.

Speed resource mobilization

Automatically create, assign and track work packages to internal and external crews, of all types.

Increase customer satisfaction

Better information and stakeholder communication lead to orderly restoration and increased customer satisfaction.

Designed for Utility Ops Pros
by Utility Ops Pros

Why struggle with antiquated “drop-a-pin” software that makes it difficult and time-consuming to complete your tasks. Easy-to-use, pictorial iRestore apps learn and anticipate your needs, allowing you to access all your critical information right on your mobile device and get your work done in a fraction of the time.

Visual Damage Assessment App

Use a simple and user friendly app to automate your existing damage assessment process and to gather critical information on system damage during an outage. This app can also be used to automatically size restoration effort, plan response, procure needed materials and estimate crew complement needed by type and region.

First Responder App

Crowdsource grid damage and hazard reports from your first responders allowing them to send the exact location and pictures to the control center. Create instant situational awareness and eliminate wasted time and resources with instant situational awareness. Supervisors can see notifications for their jurisdiction and mobilize appropriately, reducing time-to-restore.

Wire Guard App

Manage all wires down across the system. Automatically track and display wire guard locations anywhere in the utility's service territory. Collect photos of wires down for Operations to prioritize response. Enable wire guard captains to prioritize and better use available crews, reducing global ETRs.

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