Easy Veg Compliance

Use iRestore's advanced TreeAction™ vegetation management suite of applications with available Augmented Reality (AR) and tree barcoding + geo-coding with species identification.

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Improve reliability with trim cycle recommendations.

Organize your tree inventory with iRestore's proprietary TreeAction digital vegetation management system. Auto-store digital geo-coded audit-ready records from outside tree crews.
Automatically generate compliance reports for state regulators and city foresters.

Get full visibility & control

iRestore's TreeAction gives you real-time insights into tree work as outside tree crews perform it! Better visibility allows you to better plan and execute your vegetation management plan.

Simplify reporting

Click to generate ‘canned’ regulatory compliance reports for various vegetation management and tree removal programs with filters by cause e.g. permissions, cycle breakers etc.

Analyze tree outages

Intelligently assess tree outages by species, cause and trim zone during major outage events.
Enhance the utility’s ability to report and respond more effectively, improving reliability.

Built on deep expertise in utility operations

iRestore products encapsulate decades of experience in utility operations, adding best practices from leading utilities serving over 15 million meters

Capture program improvements

Get credit for improvements in vegetation management by showing available KPI scorecards for vegetation management performance by circuit or region.

Manage trim cycle requirements

Accurately assess trim requirements at the source, creating an automatic, cycle-bound re-inspection and trim record with geo-coded before- and after photos.

Prioritize tree trimming work

Analyze overdue trim work for fast-growing species and QA/QC violations by contractor, circuit or geo-polygon.

Validate completion of tree trimming

See and track progress as tree companies perform the work and pay them after validating completion.

Maintain searchable inventory

Simplify compliance reporting by maintaining accurate records of tree work performed.

Improve reliability

Keep the vegetation management program on track to meet and exceed reliability goals.

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by Utility Ops Pros

Why struggle with antiquated “drop-a-pin” software that makes it difficult and time-consuming to complete your tasks. Easy-to-use, pictorial iRestore apps learn and anticipate your needs, allowing you to access all your critical information right on your mobile device and get your work done in a fraction of the time.

TreeAction™ Outages

TreeAction Outages instantly sources tree outage Information from contractor crews creating a real-time data feed for vegetation management. Automatically populate geo-located tree crew reports on a secure web portal in real-time showing the nature of the tree outage. Tree crews can now report tree outage cause, trim zone, tree size & species in seconds creating a comprehensive database that helps generate recommendations for optimizing future trim cycles and years.

TreeAction™ Inventory

Auto-inventory and geo-code each tree trimmed by third party tree crews. They can manage trim cycles for fast growing trees and major woody stems. Audit-ready trim records are auto-generated. The system can be used to flag violations and assign corrective action. Vegetation managers have an available key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard to manage all trim data and reporting. Available in bi-lingual (English & Spanish) for iOS and Android devices, with tree company MDM support included.

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