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Simplify gas utility inspection and regulatory compliance with iRestore.

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Turbocharge your compliance readiness.

Turbocharge results with iRestore apps. Create a centralized records hub to store critical information, which can be produced before the regulatory bodies, easily.

Assure safe construction

Record inspections creating a full photo GPS timeline of each job.

Eliminate countless hours

Migrate all QA program paper records to an easy to use app and cloud solution

Eliminate silos

Avoid work stoppages and reduce deficiencies with all job updates and inspections in one system.

Built on deep expertise in utility operations

iRestore products encapsulate decades of experience in utility operations, adding best practices from leading utilities serving over 15 million meters.

Assess work progress

Perform and record pre-con, in-progress and post-con inspections for full office visibility

Eliminate silos of information

Avoid work stoppages and reduce deficiencies by keeping all job updates and inspections in one system.

Digitize and oversee leak surveys

Maintain accurate, searchable, and auditable records of leak survey exercises which can be submitted to any regulatory body.

Rapidly report AOCs

Make it easy for any employee or contractor to report abnormal operating conditions (AOCs).

Enable field collaboration to fix AOCs

Easy in-app collaboration so supervisors and techs can create photo work records as they fix abnormal operating conditions.

Automate your CP program

Simplify inspection and documentation of your 49CFR AppD Part 192 compliance and other regulations.

Designed for Utility Ops Pros
by Utility Ops Pros

Why struggle with antiquated “drop-a-pin” software that makes it difficult and time-consuming to complete your tasks. Easy-to-use, pictorial iRestore apps learn and anticipate your needs, allowing you to access all your critical information right on your mobile device and get your work done in a fraction of the time.

Gas Leak Survey App

Underground leak surveyors can easily select, inspect and record a service leak survey using GPS location data right on their smartphone with the Walking Survey app. This app increases the productivity of service line surveyors and saves time for both inspectors and supervisors.
Fewer errors, higher productivity in field and office. Integrates with service and mains records from GIS.

QA Manager

Utility supervisors can conduct pre, in-progress and post construction inspections, while contractor crew leaders can view work instructions and submit their own walkthrough inspections. Managers can gain full visibility across the lifecycle and real-time inspection management through the QA dashboard, virtually eliminating any manual data entry. A contractor KPI scorecard dashboard enables the utility QA program manager to to measure work quality scorecards for each contractor across all of the jobs

Repair Activity Manager

Technicians can instantly update, view, or create yellow cards highlighting Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOCs). These AOCs may be assigned, worked on, updated and closed by field technicians. Operations staff can get instant job updates and enhanced multi-visit job handling, improved technician coordination, and shortened time to repair. The system maintains an auditable history of each service referral.

Visual Construction Manager

Field crews provide job site updates with photos and locations using the VCM app on their smart mobile devices. With the real-time VCM web dashboard, PMs and CRs can watch all the jobs and drill down to see any job. PMs or managers can use VCM’s unique no-code inspection app builder to create their own job site reports for any type of job!

Cathodic Protection Manager

Helps create a verifiable, GPS location-tagged and time stamped CP inspection record at each inspection location. With the Bluetooth connect feature, inspection data such as pipe-to-soil voltage can be entered “hands free,” from a digital wireless multimeter. This enables corrosion inspections to be completely automated, requiring operator intervention only when the system senses values that are out of range.

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